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Friday, January 28, 2005
Boring Ward Clerk Minutiae
Our ward's computer system was finally upgraded last week from the old MIS/FIS DOS-based system to the new MLS Windows-based system. It seems to be much more convenient in quite a few ways--no more filling out certificates with an ancient typewriter or by hand, for one. And the financial and membership systems are integrated into one program, so clerks don't have to switch back and forth when dealing with the random requests that are made in the hectic twenty minutes after church ends.

When the ward's data was loaded into the new program, though, I did have to spend quite a bit of time dealing with the (mistaken) assumption the system seemed to make that every member's preferred name and legal name were identical--forty-five minutes of deleting middle names from the "preferred name" field on each individual record. Or perhaps it was my own fault--the new system seems to not have the option that the old system had of making changes to the local data without changing the membership record on SLC's computers, so maybe I (and previous clerks; I was called just over half a year ago) should have been submitting "preferred name" changes to Salt Lake all along, instead of just making the changes locally.

Edit: fixed embarrassing grammatical mistake pointed out to me by my wife

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