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Monday, January 31, 2005
Taking the Church Apart
In October 2002 general conference, President Hinckley began his priesthood session talk by stating that the First Presidency and Twelve, in their meetings, had "in effect... taken the Church apart and then put it together again". The objective was "to see whether there might be some programs we could do away with." The policy changes announced in the talk included temple recommends being valid for two years instead of one; mention of "raising the bar" for missionaries, referring to Elder Ballard's talk from the same meeting, though what this would mean in terms of who could serve and who would be asked to wait was not yet apparent; and doing away with missionary farewells (although a similar policy had been announced, and apparently ignored by many, sometime before 1996 (scroll down)). I remember having a conversation shortly thereafter in which the thought was expressed that changing the length of recommend validity and telling us, again, to not let missionary farewells overwhelm sacrament meeting didn't seem like very many changes for the amount of work implied in "taking the Church apart."

Let's look at some of the changes since October 2002, though:

I think that we have a better idea now of some of the resulting changes from the aforementioned meetings than we did in October 2002.

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