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Wednesday, February 02, 2005
By posting what's written below, I have probably labeled myself in (a few? lots of? how many readers do we have anymore?) minds as a Conservative, because of my attitude toward our president, my choice of sites to link, my reactions to the speech, etc. There are also probably places where I may have thought I was being neutral, but readers will not interpret me as being such, since my words almost certainly reveal more about me than I think. As most people probably do, I hope that I tend more toward the "think critically before forming opinions" camp than the "follow the leader blindly" camp in political matters. Hopefully the evidence will not prove otherwise.

My choice of reading material has definitely been skewed rightward, but I suspect that many of my opinions would be more moderate (or even more liberal) if I were exposed to the right authors making the right persuasive arguments. ("Right" here means "correct", not "conservative".) Orson Scott Card's essays (the comparatively rare non-foreign policy ones) have helped me reconsider some of my views on economic issues, as has exposure to other LDS bloggers in the last few years who have spoken passionately about causes that are more often seen as the realm of the Democratic Party. And, of course, more experience in the world (including more experiences with people of differing beliefs, both LDS and not) seems to generally moderate the sometimes extreme opinions of youth, as those opinions are forced to account for one's experiences in the real world. Fortunately for us all, the misguided foolishness sometimes included as part of youth's idealistic zeal (often encountered at the MTC?) does not usually last.

I suppose my political leanings might be described, then, as "aspiring to the openness of mind of a true independent, and currently fairly conservative."

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