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Tuesday, February 01, 2005
One of Life's Constants
(No, not e or pi or gamma, nor G nor mu-sub-nought.)

We filed our federal tax return the other day, and were impressed with the free options available for online filing. It seems intelligent for the government not to attempt to write its own software, but to let firms fight for the privilege of letting us use their software for free in return for the chance to try to sell us extra services (which we, of course, declined.) We used TurboTax, since I had heard people talk about being satisfied with it and because I don't trust sites with names like "" as much as sites with more sensible names. We were satisfied, since the numbers we ended up with matched the numbers my wife had already figured out. (Except for rounding to the nearest dollar; our refund is 25 cents less now, but we save at least that much on stamps.) The direct deposit option for refunds/EICs is nice, as well.

Is having our date night be "filing our tax return" to be expected when we both have graduate degrees in math and have accountants as fathers?

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