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Friday, March 26, 2004
Heretical Musings on the Pledge of Allegiance
Jacob Levy, of the Volokh Conspiracy, has interesting thoughts on the Pledge. I think he captures well some of my feelings on the matter.

"It was never a neutral statement of the patriotic values everyone ostensibly shared; it was a deeply partisan account of what those values were." and "If the words spoken meant what they said, then they shouldn't be expected of children, and shouldn't have to be repeated over and over again. If they don't mean what they say, then they degrade language and the sense of solemnity that should accompany the swearing of loyalty oaths. If the words are serious, then they're inappropriate for the context (and 'under God' is a violation of the Establishment Clause). If the words are not serious-- and they're not, anymore-- if they're just mindless blather, then they demean something that shouldn't be demeaned."

His thoughts about switching to a loyalty/citizenship oath upon reaching adulthood/assuming the franchise also have interesting implications.

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