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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Back In The 'Jams--Blogging From An Undisclosed Location
...which really isn't all that hard to figure out, for those familiar with the ways of the BYU.

1. I would apologize for not having time for blogging for entirely too long, but at this point I assume no one is reading anymore. Oh well. Starting over...

2. I had an insanely busy semester last semester. As I've whined before. I may post some on my more interesting exploits at some point.

3. I hope to be blogging more regularly from here on out. Hope is a wonderful thing, isn't it. With luck, I may even catch up on four months' backlog of Bloggernacle-reading. With more luck, I may even bother finishing my still-in-progress blogroll.

4. I have moved away from Provo to participate in BYU's Washington Seminar, and thus am now DC-blogging. I intern in an undisclosed Congressional office which I most likely will not be directly writing about, for reasons which should be fairly obvious. I may have to change my blurb at some point, as BYU-blogging is becoming more and more of a stretch.

5. This is a bit more self-referential blogging than I normally tolerate, which reminds me that I've been meaning to get around to writing the rules of the blog at some point...

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