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Saturday, February 21, 2004
Admissions Stats
According to the Winter 2004 issue of BYU Magazine (pp. 80, 83), the alumni magazine that's also distributed for free on campus:
*The average high school unweighted GPA is 3.74, and the average ACT score is 27.3 for this year's freshmen.
*78% of new freshman applicants were admitted in 2003.
*Historically, 96% of incoming freshmen are four-year seminary graduates.

Knowing very little about the admissions process, the first item strikes me as too low, and the second two as too high. Despite everything I hear about how much more selective the BYU is getting, the current crop of freshmen don't provide much evidence for the proposition, in my experience (which isn't to say there aren't exceptionally good students--it's just that there is a nontrivial number of unimpressive to exceptionally bad students who either weren't taught enough in high school or don't care enough to apply themselves in college).

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