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Friday, February 13, 2004
The Plot Thickens
In today's DU: "Correction. BYUSA contacted NewsNet after Tuesday's editorial and said videos and Web sites are not illegal in a BYUSA presidential campaigns [sic], although neither are mentioned in the elections handbook. As stated in the editorial, the campaign team in question was disqualified for numerous infractions."

The DU reported the substantive allegation that the video/website issue was at the heart of the matter on at least two separate occasions. Therefore, either the DU was systematically incompetent at covering basic news, or the BYUSA office is incompetent/covering up. Either way, it seems like a credible newspaper would have some serious explaining/investigating to do.

Meanwhile, to reassure us about its objective journalistic standards, the DU runs an article entitled BYUSA president supports Glanzer. "Johnson said traditionally BYUSA presidents do not endorse candidates in the next election, and he maintains that his support for Glanzer is not an official endorsement from the BYUSA president. He said he is just supporting Glanzer as a regular student." And of course all regular students also get an entire article devoted to their campaign preferences.

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