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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
And We're Back...
In the past couple of weeks blogging has been light for a variety of reasons, including finals [BYU not only has the power to turn Tuesdays into Mondays, but it now can turn Saturdays into weekdays, and cause me to spend the better part of a weekend grading freshman finals...], moving, sibling graduation, etc.

Thanks to all of my faithful readers, who allowed the triumph of hope over experience as they kept checking daily for nonexistent new posts. We'll be better in the immediate future. For now, we'll go on to the pile of stuff that hasn't aged too badly while being shuffled from pile to pile and apartment to apartment.

While we're on the subject of thanks, thanks to The Baron of Deseret and Grasshopper's Let Us Reason, who have joined the esteemed company of Nate Cardon's This Liberal, A Soft Answer, and the formidable Times and Seasons in the Category of Blogs Of Such Penetrating Insight That They Decided To Link To Things To Act.

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