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Wednesday, April 28, 2004
BYU Refunds Tuition For Half Of Its Graduates?
According to the DU's account of President Samuelson's commencement remarks, "49 percent of the graduating class is married and 16 percent have children, with an average age of 24.3 for the graduates." I wouldn't have guessed that over half of the student body graduates unwed, though I think he did say something (not reported by the DU) about how many would wed in the next few months (and, given that my own mother graduated and got married the next day, the figure may already be changing).

The DU also reports that 4678 students graduated last week, and 1777 last December.

My personal experience with graduation this time around was to skip the first half (except for a bit of the beginning overheard on a radio), and attend one college's convocation. It was, I'm afraid, so utterly noninteresting that I'm already making plans for how to get away with skipping my own next year.

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