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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
National Election Observations II: Thanks, Edwards!
Traditional CW: VP candidates are supposed to balance the ticket, pulling either ideological factions or electoral votes into the nominee's column.

Edwards: Generates media excitement for about three days. Brings no southern states to Kerry. Brings no appreciable benefit to Kerry period. Would not have been reelected Senator from North Carolina. Desperately wanted to be VP nominee. Is widely talked about as a potential candidate in 2008.

Is this failing to make sense to anyone else? Kerry shouldn't have given him the time of day after defeating him. If Dems nominate him in 2008, one will have to question their sanity. "Edwards! He Doesn't Get Results!" One has to wonder what would have happened if Kerry had picked a moderate midwestern popular Democrat--say, one who could have pulled Ohio into his column.

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