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Thursday, November 11, 2004
A Quick Note: The Perils of Going to Lecture
The below is the first in a series of posts that resulted from a friend and me who had more amusing things to do than listen to lectures an an Unnamed Class. A note for the humor impaired--most of this is sarcastic and intentionally ridiculous. We wouldn't actually write any of these (well, most of them...).

More possible thesis titles:

The Friberg Code: Shocking Hidden Symbolism in Mormon Artwork

Casting the First Stone: The Theory and Practice of Self-Righteous Condemnation

Utah Haute Cuisine: A Blind Taste Test of Jello With and Without Shredded Carrots

Cougareat Me: Documenting the Physiologic Effects of BYU Cafeteria Food

Love Thy Neighbor: Tracking the Spread of the Epstein-Barr Virus in a BYU Singles Ward

Why Grade Inflation in the BYU Honors Program Conforms With Scripture: The Parable of The Servants Sent to Work In The Field
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