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Thursday, May 06, 2004
It's Amazing What $0 Will Buy You These Days
Nate Cardon has kindly pointed out to me that HaloScan provides free comments compatible with Blogger's also-free annoying-Google-ad supported accounts. I have no idea how HaloScan makes their money [edit: okay, fine, they also use annoying-Google-ads to justify my shameless exploitation], but I'll take it anyway. At least, assuming people respond, as I suspect that empty comments fields would be even more depressing than empty email inboxes (or an inbox whose spam to content ratio is beginning to climb dangerously). Unless, of course, I assume that my faithful readers are so overawed with my obvious correctness that no further commenting is necessary... Yes, that must be it. [/delusion].

Speaking of which, given that my comment total is, as of right now, approximately 0, I haven't had must experience on long-term comment policies, but I suspect that any obscenity, blasphemy, stupidity, or illiteracy will be deleted. Or at least mocked.

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