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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Utah Political Scene Update (Sort Of)
While I was caught up in end-of-semester activities, Gary Herbert joined Huntsman's ticket as his LG choice. One report suggests that Huntsman didn't seem to be helped by the move, at least in Utah County.

My personal impression (without having looked at the race much lately) is that Herbert probably miscalculated in assuming his support would transfer, given that he'd been hitting the Gary Herbert Is Not Deluded, But Really Can Win, and He Is Not Running For LG theme pretty hard in his campaign. I had some respect for his David vs Goliath image as a country officer with a long track record of success in a less visible office. However, the impression I get now is more an image of Whatever It Takes To Get Higher Office. The press release does little to resolve those concerns.

As an aside, the site is fairly interesting.

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