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Sunday, May 09, 2004
President Samuelson's focus
I just came across this BYU President's Report on, and thought this section in particular was interesting:


Any time change occurs in an organization, questions naturally arise. Some have asked where my attention will be focused. As I consider where I might best focus my discretional energies here at BYU, I look forward to the opportunity to contribute to what I call our soft, or academic, infrastructure. I want it to be as solid as the wonderful physical, or hard, infrastructure of this beautifully appointed, well-equipped campus.

I am not saying that we will not build any new buildings while I am here. We will complete our current building projects, and they will bless us all. Other building projects will develop, which we will undertake with board approval if and when full funds are raised. But the physical infrastructure may be less my initial focus precisely because we are already quite well provisioned for. I want us to be as good as we say we are and as others think we should be.

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