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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
DU--print edition
So newsnet doesn't seem to actually carry every non-AP article that appears in the print edition, not even front page articles. I'm baffled as to the logic, but whatever. Some of today's print articles included:

*A long meandering article on LDS-themed travel that doesn't ever mention the fact that pilgramages aren't part of our doctrine (admittedly I have no better source on this than a faintly-remembered passage from Mormon Doctrine, but in this instance I won't quibble about its reliability). It does, however, quote a tour guide article as saying "every member of the Church would like to visit Israel." Excuse me? While many members might find such a visit personally enriching, plenty of other members may feel that it would be better for them to use their resources on other needs, wants, or worthy causes. Implying in any way that members who can afford to gallavant around to all of the Church history sites they want are somehow superior to those who cannot or do not is wrongheaded at best.

*The lead editorial spends a considerable amount of time whining about celebrity journalism crowding out news. So why, praytell, does the DU run these same pointless celebrity stories instead of remaining above the fray?

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