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Friday, January 23, 2004
Will Someone Get Fired Over This?
Along Public Trail, a Church Recounts Its History [registration required. Evil, evil, evil New York Times].

The New York Times, in a front page article, actually doesn't manage to offend me when discussing the Church.

Some of the people quoted in the article, on the other hand, try pretty hard.

""It's historical revisionism — they're using a particular place to enshrine these deaths, but in the history of the western movement, thousands of people died, so it's very difficult to claim this particular spot as sacred ground," said Barbara Dobos, a resident of Casper and public-lands advocate who has led the opposition to the church's efforts." Does this even make sense? It's historical revisionism to have someone at the site telling visitors what happened? And the logic that "lots of people died, so no one person's death can be significant" is rather frightening, though I suppose it's typical of the sort of morally banal drivel we get from several quarters in national politics these days. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about this entire episode, though, is that there are apparently people who have nothing better to do than oppose private organizations' attempts to expand Americans' knowledge of history.

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