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Tuesday, January 20, 2004
"Style" concerns
BYU NewsNet - Students turned in without knowing accusers

"Editor's Note: It is not The Daily Universe's style to omit sources' last names; however, the last names in this article were omitted to protect the reputations of the sources."

In other words, 'we don't omit last names, except for when we do.'

As far as the article itself goes, I suspect that most complaints about Honor Code enforcement are either relatively minor, or 'friend of a friend' type rumors. However, I do wonder about any policy which doesn't seem to take seriously the scriptural command [see Matt 18:15-16] to first speak with the person about whom you have a problem before doing anything else. The quote, "Baker said sometimes people are afraid to pull their friends aside and talk to them, and this is when the Honor Code Office will take reports on behavior," is therefore troubling, assuming the DU is reporting it accurately, which is, of course, an open question.

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