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Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Second day of class--random observations
The sidewalk along the new 'student athlete building' or whatever it's called is finally open.

One Stop screwed up by not having my refund check ready, as they have in the past. But then they printed it out on the spot, so maybe they aren't evil after all.

Speaking of Wilk-related evilness, the textbook line yesterday around 4 wasn't bad, comparatively. It looked like it would be at least an hour (stretching around back to the back wall by the Honors books), but only took 15 minutes.

New Spring, the novel, is in the Bookstore. At least one other person was reading it, and one person saw me looking at it and asked about it, while in the middle of Crossroads of Twilight. Jordan clearly hasn't managed to alienate his entire fan base yet (though the three chapters I read weren't as exciting as they otherwise might have been).

Legends II is also finally in the Bookstore. I read the Hobb and Card stories yesterday. The Hobb was is fairly interesting if you've read the Liveship books, giving an account of the original expedition that colonized the Rain Wilds. The Card story was all right, but having already read Crystal City, contained few to no surprises. All of the main plot points were implied in CC. Some people complained that the jump made CC hard to follow, but I didn't think so. Everything important was alluded to, and the gap of years between Heartfire and CC had many other significant non-Yazoo events also not shown onscreen. I think the heart of the concerns with CC were that so much happens in the Makerverse that it can't all be shown onscreen and move the story as fast as OSC wants. I think he may be overcompensating, and giving us more detail wouldn't immediately bring on WOT comparisons, but when has my opinion ever mattered? At any rate, Yazoo is worth looking at, but not as memorable. Of course, that could just be an artifact of needing to be able to stand independently of the main narrative.

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