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Thursday, January 15, 2004
Today's news
Tattoos have now replaced modesty as the talking points of the day, but I still haven't managed to bring myself to care about either. The DU editorial bashing the SLTrib for bashing the BYU speaks for itself, theough:

"All newspapers have to establish credibility. It only takes a few bad stories for a newspaper, or a reporter, to lose credibility ... it should constantly be a journalistic pursuit to get things right and accurate ... Journalists should stop being lazy. Their work effects [sic] the lives of thousands of people everyday ... The supreme job of journalists is to report the truth. Is there any higher calling in a career?"

I would commence with the mockery, but I did say that it speaks for itself. Perhaps Patrick Driscoll, who on the same page writes a somewhat banal letter about double-standards in athletic modesty, will take on DU double-standards.

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